Environmental Permitting Process and EIA in the Sultanate of Oman

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) can generally be defined as an analysis of the effects of a proposed activity or development on the environment and in Oman (as with other developed and developing countries), it is normally required to most industrial, mining, and development activities to be issued an environmental permit.

The paper highlights the evolution to current status, the legal framework, concepts, processes and principles of EIA and the process involved in obtaining an environmental permit within the context of the Sultanate of Oman.

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One reply on “Environmental Permitting Process and EIA in the Sultanate of Oman”

As environmental awareness and green technologies increase further in the Sultanate, we would expect to see further development of the environmental legislative and regulatory regime, both in terms of supplementary legislation and in terms of the interpretation of existing legislation. Legislative reform will be required in particular to establish a regulatory framework which encourages investment in renewable energy technologies and carbon reduction projects.

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