Suluk: Why It Matters Calendar

Launch of Hosn Al Suluk

Hosn Al Suluk was launched in June 2020, exactly 170 days before the 50th National Day of Oman on the 18th of November 2020.

However, with the current COVID-19 pandemic, we at SustainableOman, adapted on how to roll out these information to be more meaningful and personalised.

Week 1

19 July 2020 - No region has been spared from the spread of COVID-19. Its ripple effects have been complex and widespread, and no country can escape either the health or the economic dimensions of the crisis on its own.

So, instead of the original plan of going in chronological order, Goal of the week is Goal #17 - Partnership for the Goals, or in Hosn Al Suluk, Join Groups and Have Fun!

SDG17 or Suluk17 is the engine of interconnection, possibilities and promise for our collective future. COVID-19 knows no boundaries, and neither should our efforts to respond to the emergency, recover from its multidimensional impact and build back better.

Suluk17 - Why It Matters?

Week 2

26 July 2020 - This week is the start of another 2-week total lockdown in Oman and the upcoming Eid Al Adha on the 30th July 2020. So with this blessed week, we are highlighting SDG#16, Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, or in Hosn Al Suluk #16 - Be in Peace.

We are all indirectly or directly affected by crimes because it threaten the foundation of peaceful societies like Oman, where we live.

Human rights put people centre-stage. Responses that are shaped by and respect human rights result in better outcomes in beating the pandemic, ensuring healthcare for everyone and preserving human dignity.

Find out some easy daily actions that can start with you, at home and with your family even during lockdown.

Suluk 16 - Why It Matters?

Week 3

2 August 2020

Week 4

9 August 2020

Week 5

16 August 2020

Week 6

23 August 2020

Week 7

30 August 2020

Week 8

6 September 2020

Week 9

13 September 2020

Week 10

20 September 2020

Week 11

27 September 2020

Week 12

4 October 2020

Week 13

11 October 2020

Week 14

18 October 2020

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25 October 2020

Week 16

1 November 2020

Week 17

8 November 2020

Hosn Al Suluk, is a campaign of SustainableOman, an effort on Omanising the Sustainable Development Goals.