The Team


Prof. Mohammed Saad Al Moqadam

Prof. Mohammed was the Head of the History Department at Sultan Qaboos University’s College of Arts and Social Sciences. He received his BA and MA degrees in Portland State University, Oregon.

He is an expert on foreign relations of Oman with neighboring Arab nations as well as in the Modern History of China and Japan.

He still carries on seminars, lectures and conferences abroad and in Oman and regularly meets up with his previous students at his free time.

As an advocate of sustainable development, he advises SustainableOman on ways to make an impact to the community and how acting together with other initiatives and organizations help.

Katrin Scholz-Barth

Katrin Scholz-Barth, principal of Katrin Scholz-Barth Consulting, is an internationally recognized expert in Sustainability. As part of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar program she helped define and create the program-wide sustainability and innovation strategies to deliver a carbon-neutral mega sports event in a fragile desert environment. Katrin frequently teaches strategic sustainability to entrepreneurs and startups, addressing both assets and liability of the balance sheet, green funding and long-term investment potential based on sound sustainability business practices including environmental social governance (ESG). During the 2018/19 Arab Innovation Academies she presented the sustainability keynote.

Katrin’s coauthored book Green Roof Systems: A Guide to the Planning, Design and Construction of Building Over Structure, was released by Wiley and Sons in April 2009.

Hi, we’re some of the people behind SustainableOman

Agnes Astolfi


Agnes is an environmental and sustainability consultant specialising in green neighbourhood (LEED ND), environmental assessments and sustainability policies.  She was involved in several flagship projects in Oman related to waste management, railway, industrial free zones and mining.

She is also a current Board Member of Oman Green Building Council.


Maryam Al Balushi


Maryam is one of the founding members of the Women in Engineering chapter in Oman, as well as Oman Society of Architecture. A graduate of Kansas State University with a Masters in Architecture and currently employed in an engineering consultancy firm in Muscat.

She is an advocate of design that not only transcends borders and is used as a tool for change, but is also contextually appreciative, innovative and ultimately timeless in nature. Her main aim in Oman is to spread design awareness to the public and to educate them on its processes, effective and sustainable results, and overall potential benefits socially and economically.


April Lloyd


April is a geoscientist holding a Masters in Geology with 15 years in the Energy industry through to Chief of Staff level.

Currently undertaking an MSc in Climate Change and Development in parallel with working on various eco-entrepreneurial projects, April is now focussed on the critical challenge of our time – building sustainable systems and processes to combat climate change.

Learning, coaching, advising and educating are amongst the tools she use to facilitate the implementation of informed decisions around smarter energy options, enhancing personal wellbeing and investing in the growth of healthy communities and restoration of natural environments.


Hawwa Al Qussimy


Hawwa is a retired emergency doctor from the Ministry of Health and now a professional photographer.

She believes in conserving all the natural things on this earth for the next generations to enjoy.
Participated in various conservation projects especially those related to marine life ready to help with any program that will help sustain the natural life and beauty of Oman and the world.

Sadhana Jha


Sadhana is an accomplished Architect, LEED and WELL accredited professional and a Biophilic enthusiast, who has been a part of Construction and Sustainability Industry for the past 10 years.
Sadhana has achieved the first and presently is only WELL Accredited Professional from Oman since 2017.  
She is actively involved in weekly environmental beach clean-ups, educating professional about the impacts of mindless and unsustainable practices on the Earth, uplifting her fellow humans by providing support for basic education and has been living a 90% zero free plastic lifestyle since 2017.


Turki Al Risi


Turki is his final year student doing a Bachelor of Construction Management and Quantity Surveying. Passionate about how sustainable built environment helps delivering healthier societies. He also enjoy watching and playing futsal and soccer in his spare time.


Karishma Sera Thomas


Karishma is an Architect who has completed her specialization in Sustainable Building Design from University College Dublin. She relocated to Oman and shortly joined Sustainable Oman in 2019 to raise awareness and pursue her passion for sustainability by understanding the complex development challenges in Oman today in its various contexts and to tailor the work of the organization to fit the needs of this beautiful Sultanate and the community that we serve.

She is a 3D hobbyist and is currently part of the Graphics team at Sustainable Oman and is also supporting the team with her knowledge in the field of sustainability to help address issues of climate change & global warming, decent work and economic growth, affordable and clean energy and to promote good health and well being


Sawsan Domi


Sawsan is an architect and a professor. She enjoys planning for the future of the built environment, with the same pleasure of exploring the magic of historical environments. Her specialized area is the sustainable design, energy efficiency and renewable energy techniques. Her previous experience in the professional field enriched my knowledge and abilities in urban regenerations, urban planning, building construction and housing. She believes that ”Sky is my Limit”.


Onaiza Shaikh


Onaiza is a graduate in Interior Design and a recent MSc graduate in Sustainable Building Design with a BREEAM AG from Southampton Solent University.

Growing up as an expat and being surrounded by people from around the world has endowed Onaiza with a global outlook, as a consequence of which she feels that she in indeed a true world citizen. This unique perspective influences her creative style, giving her a holistic approach to design that balances functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics.


Abeer Al Wahaibi

Abeer Al-Wahaibi is a senior energy management engineer at PDO and is passionate about the energy transition and climate actions. She joined PDO as a process engineer in 2012 after two years working for Halliburton as a drilling fluid engineer. Abeer has a Master’s degree in Chemical and Process Engineering from Sultan Qaboos University, Oman.

Kezia Jobel


Kezia is a recent graduate in Civil Engineering and is on her way to pursuing MSc in Construction Management and Environmental Engineering from University of Leeds.
She is passionate about the environment and believes every individual has a role to play in conserving the environment. She enjoys traveling and doodling.



Krishica is an information technology student graduating in 2021, been in Oman till her tenth grade and shifted to India for her high school and engineering. Currently looking for a job in the data field. In her idle hours, she enjoyes listening to music , reading books, or watching a comedy series.  She finds always a pleasure to meet new people and interact with them especially in a place like Oman where various cultures are not only accepted but also appreciated!