What / Who is MyOmani?

They are your barber who bikes to work, an edible garden, a student who made an artwork out of  aluminum cans, a local traditional ritual or artifact, a zero-waste birthday party, your favorite charity, a local organic product or even you! MyOmani is anything or anyone that helps promote sustainability for the environment, community, culture or livelihood at all levels in Oman.

MyOmani is a recognition campaign by SustainableOman that features and profiles a person, a group, an idea, or an object that promotes sustainability including their enthusiasm and ability to inspire change in Oman and beyond.  MyOmani are champions of environmental sustainability, grassroots-level climate change actors, practitioners of the Good Life Goals… in their own sphere of influence in the Sultanate.

"The development of the individual to the employment of his talents and energy to serve his society is the true path to make any development a success."

- His Majesty Sultan Qaboos             

18 November 1992

MyOmani – based on the concept of observational learning.
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