Who We Are

We are powered by a community of sustainability professionals and advocates

People around the world are becoming increasingly familiar with the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (also called the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs), but how many of us really know what we can do to reach them?

SustainableOman represents an effort to answer this question and help the Omani audience to recognize the vital role of individual action in achieving SDGs.

SustainableOman supports the Sustainable Development Goals and Oman Vision 2040.

SustainableOman is the FIRST community initiative in Oman acting for the SDGs and Oman Vision 2040.

For every citizen and resident of Oman to show their commitment and an opportunity to share their stories.

Knowledge Bank

We provide actionable knowledge, useful tools and resources to help guide you to do great things – for yourself, your family, your neighbors or colleagues.


We encourage connections and collaborations between individuals or groups, so we can inspire and influence change to make tomorrow better than today.


Engage in a conversation to share knowledge, experience and expertise.


The Global Goals are ambitious and created to have tangible impact but may not be easily understood by some.

We strive to keep it simple, positive and engaging so everyone could find the responsibility and opportunity to change the world for the better.


There are just some things that you can only do in other places.

Our actions are customised to Omani environmental, social and cultural settings…

Discover Our Values

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