In Oman: SDG5 and Its Links

This week, we are very proud to have SustainableOman's very first webinar series on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

In focus is SDG 5 - Gender Equality and we have Ms. Wafa Al Amria, Chairman of the Omani Women Association in Seeb as our guest speaker.

The webinar will be held in Arabic.

According to the Supreme Council for Planning's Report  (2019), Omani women’s associations are considered civil society organizations of a voluntary nature and independent administration managed by civil society itself. They strive to empower women, build their capacities and skills across various fields, and provide them with opportunities to exchange information, particularly in topics of interest. Omani women’s associations are spread across all governorates and provinces in the Sultanate and have witnessed an increase from 56 associations in 2012 to 65 by the end of 2018. Omani women’s associations have contributed to raising women’s awareness regarding their participation in parliamentary and municipal elections and their access to decision-making positions.

Related to this webinar, SustainableOman prepared an SDG5 wheel showing links to other SDGs and what Oman has organised towards achieving this goal.


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