Launch of Al Hosn Al Suluk

SustainableOman, as a supporter of the SDGs and Oman Vision 2040, is proud to launch its second campaign, named "Hosn Al Suluk", Arabic for "good actions" or "good deeds/behaviour".

Preparatory meeting for the Suluk before the COVID19 pandemic.

In spite of a very challenging start of 2020, we at SustainableOman worked on adapting on these unprecedented times to make our efforts to raise awareness gain impact and meaningful to all.

Hosn Al Suluk, or Suluk for short, is an attempt to Omanise the Sustainable Development Goals.  Each goal has 10 easy, daily actions that one can do each day until the 50th National Day of Oman on the 18th November 2020. They said, depending on the person's motivation, that it takes at least 2 weeks to change behaviour or habits...Suluk will give you 170 days, just enough to 'perfect' it! 

Suluk will give every citizen and resident in Oman a role, right, and opportunity to help achieve end poverty, reduce equalities, and to act on climate change.

The earth is our home. Oman is our house. The people are our gift.

Let's act together. Today.

SustainableOman Photo Competition

Call for Entries

It is with great excitement that SustainableOman shares this wonderful opportunity with the community, just as we complete the recent 50th Anniversary of Earth Day 2020 celebrations.

Mr. Charles Mauleverer is composing this Environmental Symphony with the intent to inspire climate action to collectively reverse global warming.

SustainableOman was chosen for a photographic entry from Oman.

Photo Submission

SustainableOman is looking for photographs of something important and/or iconic to the Sultanate of Oman that will be affected by climate change.

The image shall be accompanied by a separate message in the format of “For the love of _______,” and the photo should represent this element or idea.

For example, a Canadian might say “For the love of glaciers,” with a photo of snowy Rocky Mountains, or, “Pour l’amour du sirop d’erable,” with a photo of the maple trees.

The message with your photo, in the above format, should be in either ARABIC or ENGLISH.

The message will be incorporated into the choir’s lyrics of the symphony and will also appear with the image.


Photo Requirements

SustainableOman is looking for photographs of something important and/or iconic to Oman that will be affected by climate change.

We urge photographers to visually realize this very important requirement of the photo competition, to think about and carefully reflect the work through this lens.

  1. No more than two (2) photos per person
  2. Photo(s) parameters:
    • jpg file format
    • landscape orientation
    • 3000 x 2000 pixels (maximum of 6 MB)
    • no logo or watermark
  3. Caption in Arabic or English “for the love of _________________”
  4. File name: Last.First Name.Location_EnvSymph.jpg

There are no other specific requirements.

It is just really important to see Oman well represented.


Eligibility and Selection

Anyone living in Oman with a camera may participate and submit up to two (2) photographs for entry for the Environmental Symphony competition.

All submissions will be judged by an expert panel and one finalist will be selected.


Top Entry Award

  • Photo, message, and the first name of the photographer used in the Environmental Symphony to represent Oman
  • A plant or tree to beautify the finalist’s home or garden in Oman


Honorable Mentions

  • Recognized on SustainableOman’s website
  • Images possibly featured on SustainableOman’s website and promoted on our social media platforms



By entering the Environmental Symphony photo competition and submitting photographic entries for the project through SustainableOman, you give permission to use the photos, messages, and first name of the photographer by SustainableOman and the Environmental Symphony on all platforms where the symphony will be presented.

The aim is to perform the symphony in as many countries as possible around the world, raising awareness for the globally pertinent issues and social responsibilities surrounding climate change.

Ownership of the photo will remain with the artist.



Please submit final entries to by June 30, 2020.

The winner will be announced on July 15, 2020.

The ambition for this project is to create a recorded version of the symphony by the end of 2021, with all the countries’ photographic submissions included.

We look forward to receiving many submissions. We hope that this project presents a welcome and joyful distraction and an opportunity to bring about change, igniting creative ideas for personal actions to reduce carbon emissions.



Sarah Hale, a resident of Oman for nearly 10 years, is the co-founder and photographer at local company, Booma.

Sarah has a Bachelor of Arts in Photojournalism from University of Minnesota and over ten years experience working as a professional photographer in a range of subjects.

Her biggest passion is conservation and has done several projects with local organisations to create awareness about the precious biodiversity of Oman.