MyOmani – Quarantine Edition

Being in lockdown doesn’t stop any of us to carry on doing good, so SustainableOman launched it’s MyOmani Quarantine Edition.

With the current global healthy emergency, we all face overwhelming tidal wave of negative news, and what we need most right now are good vibes and daily reminders of our better human selves, so that each of us can rise to this challenge.  Oman is filled of inspiring, creative community responses to this pandemic, and these stories must be told and widely shared.  And this is what MyOmani Quarantine Edition is all about – to give a shout out to anyone or anything doing acts of kindness, compassion and cooperation, or moments of beauty or joy, empowering experiences, amusing situations, etc., you have seen around that has helped you change your behaviour and make new decisions.

It is still possible to carry on living sustainably even during lockdown, if not yet considered before, this is the best time to learn about the Global Goals and how to incorporate it into your personal or family life.