What is Al-Monasabat Al-Alamiya?

International days, or Al-Monasabat Al Alamiya in Arabic, are occasions to educate the public on issues of concern, to mobilise personal will and resources to address global problems, and to celebrate and reinforce achievements of humanity.

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Arab Water Day

3 March 2021

Climate change issues that pose a serious threat to Arab water security. Scientific expectations revealed that climate change will have a dire effect on the quality and quantity of water resources. This will lead to a reduction in water resources and an increase in spells of drought in several areas of the region that will in turn cause a plunge in the agricultural productivity.

Arab nations give special attention to water issues, particularly in view of their direct connection with achieving Arab joint water security.


3 March 2021
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Why Do We Mark International Days?

SustainableOman, as a supporter of the SDGs and Oman Vision 2040, has embraced them as a a powerful advocacy tool. Each international day offers many actors the opportunity to organise activities related to the theme of the day.

SustainableOman makes an international day, in addition to the Sultanate’s special days, a part of our awareness building campaign.

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